For some time people have been bravely starting to travel around the world, learning about other places and cultures, including Thai. More and more people are deciding to do it on their own, giving up organized mass holidays in beach hotels. They start to be curious about local attractions, people, cuisine and many other things. In different countries there are different possibilities of independent travel, level of security or communication in a foreign language.

In Thailand, traveling is generally safe and easy, but not everyone prefers seeking the experience in the often difficult communicative English used by Thai people. There are people who want something more than just a schematic holiday, but because they are going on holiday, they are looking for local operators preparing individual programs.


For them, after the hardships of their everyday work day, the most important is a fly on a specially prepared stay program, including visiting what they prefer, getting to know the "cuisines" of life in Thailand, local people, local dishes and exotic views under the supervision of a guide talking about Thai , knowing expectations. Many people want to have everything prepared and not to think about the problems associated with bargaining for offers, travel, or seeking appropriate prices and attractions, prefer to provide local care at a reasonable price for the entire stay and concentrate on spending time pleasantly.


For these people, we offer a personalized program, which will cover all possible expectations.



  • Individuals who want to explore the corners of Thailand under the supervision of a licensed English-language guide.
  • Families with children looking for opportunities for active rest with safe service.
  • People who do not speak foreign languages ​​fluently and need a English-speaking guide.
  • Everyone interested in non-standard residence programs.
  • People who like the convenience of traveling when all matters are piloted by the guide.




  • Hotels from 2 to 5 stars with a wide range of attractions 
  • Rides by air-conditioned van with DVD or limousine.
  • Optional trips around Thailand, individual programs all over the country.
  • Possible shares in various sports or extreme games
  • We provide a lot of practical information about life in Thailand and its history.
  • Help in medical care and emergency matters.
  • Period of prepared trips from 7 to 28 days.
  • Guide - the pilot is available at all times.



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