The development and convenience of communication allowed us to move in an extremely fast pace to almost every place in the world. Most people travel mainly for business purposes. The most common business trips include incentive trips, that is for employees of companies, or visiting trade fairs and exhibitions in search of new contractors or business partners. Asia is an interesting market for businessmen from Europe that offers remarkable, unique products at competitive prices. Moreover, it is a very absorbent market, constantly developing and seeking new partners and technologies in almost every field.

We know the specifics of the Thai market so we will be happy to help you organize your business trip professionally, quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our activities, you will avoid many problems that we will fully solve from booking tickets, booking hotel rooms to develop a plan of visits and a talk schedule, combining business with pleasure. Thanks to the knowledge of the specificity of culture, including business, customs and language, we help to avoid some complications and misunderstandings. We are able to prepare an individual tour program tailored to the most important travel plans and purposes.



Individuals or organized groups wanting to explore the corners of Thailand while traveling for business purposes, which often have very little time. That is why we provide the care of a licensed English-language guide or a licensed remote control to make traveling much easier. Businessmen looking for new paralegal and commercial contacts and wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the active Thai culture with a safe service.

People who do not speak foreign languages ​​fluently and need a English-speaking guide. Everyone interested in non-standard residence programs. People who like the convenience of traveling when all matters are piloted by the guide.



  • Hotels from 3 to 5 stars with a wide range of attractions
  • Rides by air-conditioned van with DVD or limousine.
  • Optional trips around Thailand, individual programs all over the country.
  • Possible shares in various sports or extreme games
  • We provide a lot of practical information about life in Thailand and its history.
  • Help in medical care and emergency matters.
  • Period of prepared trips from 7 to 28 days.
  • Guide - the pilot is available at all times.