In Thailand, everyone can find the right type of accommodation for themselves. From the cheapest 2 * hostels to luxury 5 * hotels.

There are a huge number of hotels in tourist resorts and new ones are still being built. It is worth to read the information of former guests about the quality of given hotels and what is important about the locations of such places. Because in Thailand often a nice, comfortable hotel may have a less convenient location and in the vicinity may be the construction of another building or neighboring plots may be gently rated unrepresentative.

In many cases, the quality of the rooms is comparable to the standard in European hotels, but because of that

a tropical climate can sometimes be found in the bathroom or room, you can meet small guests in the form of ants if you leave something sweet open on the table, sometimes a small lizard in the room, which usually hunts midges around the ceiling, and can happen in a cockroach room, but it is very rare because employees try to keep clean.

In most hotels in Thailand, it is worth making reservations in advance and via the Internet, because an attempt to get a room on the spot at the reception may end up with information about the complete set of guests or, in a better case, getting a room, but with a rate much higher than can be obtained through internet portals. Only sometimes for hostels you can negotiate prices at the reception and with a bit of luck you can get a discount.

For the most part of check-in, reception staff charge in advance for accommodation and ask for a guarantee deposit in the form of cash or by security on a credit card. This is to protect the hotel from damage in the room, taking something that should not be taken out of the room, billing for the mini bar or losing the room key.

Hotels have in many cases nice decorations, both in the reception area and in the rooms, often referring to Thai tradition, it is worth looking for such places.

Most often, the rooms are sold with breakfast, which offers some meals from the Asian menu and the Western menu.

Check-in to rooms in Thailand is usually from 14:00 and check-out is before 12:00. In some situations in the lower season, you can get a room a little earlier before 14:00.

You can also check out later if you have an evening flight, but ask the hotel in advance about the possibility of an additional check-out fee.