Thailand is one of the safer countries to travel. One of the factors affecting this sense is the Buddhist religion, which exerts an influence on the inhabitants causing their gentle approach to many matters. The country itself, due to its historical independence, never being part of the partitions, without being anyone's colony, caused the Thai people to have greater confidence in foreigners and treat them hospitably. It is one of the safer countries in the world in the tropics with tropical weather in which you can relatively calmly and comfortably travel and explore the charms of this region of the world.

As every country has its positive sides for the stay of foreigners as well as some negative things that are of course worth paying attention to. Below is some information in points:

  • On arrival, be careful on taxi matchsticks
  • when exploring Bangkok or larger cities, on the streets you can meet tricksters looking for ways to get money from tourists
  • taxi drivers do not drive by the meter and overstate the amounts
  • tuk tuk drivers inflate prices and drive to stores to make a profit
  • pickpockets can be stolen very sporadically in the streets
  • people with a scooter can sometimes pull out a purse on the street
  • restaurants sometimes have no price lists and prices are inflated
  • driving on roads is not safe, especially in large cities
  • bicycle travel is discouraged, you may be hit by a car
  • renting scooters is not safe, many accidents, fraud in the rental
  • drivers of public minivans drive too fast and fatal accidents are common
  • service in bars with "ping pong" shows always cheats on invoices on average 5 times
  • in some parts of the country there is a so-called "transport mafia or water scooter rental" and cheat tourists
  • generally a tourist from Western countries is treated by many Thai people as a walking ATM, so it is worth being reasonable when shopping.