Tipping is very popular in Thailand. Tourism is one of the industries where they are very welcome but it is not mandatory to pay them every time. Although in some restaurants or hotels you can find information about charging 7% VAT on the basic price and 10% service charge. So in some places a service fee is obligatorily included and this can be considered as a compulsory tip included, which later according to the owner's discretion is distributed among employees.

We can suggest the following tips that would be appreciated for services:

  • driver with a transfer of around 30-50 baht
  • service at the hotel, assistance with luggage around 30-50 baht
  • driver and guide during the whole day trip around 50-100 baht per person
  • restaurant after the ordered meal about 30-50 baht from the group
  • taxi driver in Bangkok, no tip required, you can round the sum up, eg from 62 to 70 baht
  • shopping in stores, no need to tip
  • massage in the salon, tip around 50 - 100 baht per person