Vaccinations are very important if you travel to Thailand looking for adventures in low-tourist areas, if you plan trekking in the forest.

If we are going typically touristically, visiting places inhabited typically, there are no special threats forcing to vaccinate.

Thailand is a country with an increased risk of developing malaria or dengue, but their occurrence is really very rare. In the case of our company, for the past 9 years we have met with one case of dengue and it was none of our guests, but a third party, i.e. friends of friends.

Tutorials and doctors in most cases recommend the use of expensive and quite troublesome vaccines, we do not recommend observing the real situation, but of course no one will ensure 100% certainty that someone will not get any disease, so having reliable practical information on our part can be at your own justification decide whether to vaccinate or not.

There is practically no food infection caused by contaminated water or poor quality food. If you use proven places, there are no major problems with the digestive tract. In practice, there are 2-3 cases of minor problems annually after a meal, but after taking standard tablets, problems disappear after a few hours most often.

The country, despite the very high temperatures and the widespread use of meals on the streets, is not a problem with poisoning or major stomach problems than they occur in everyday hometown.