You should prepare your journey optimally according to your needs. Thailand is an exotic country with high tropical temperatures, but it is not a place where you should get ready to travel like to the countries of Central Africa.

The first impressions after landing at the airport in Bangkok give the impression that a man comes to a very well-developed country, where public buildings outweigh many other buildings in other countries of the world.

Temperatures are quite high, on average all year round over 30 degrees Celsius, so clothing is enough when you prepare very loose. In Thailand, despite the hot and humid climate, there are not too many insects, mosquitoes. Many people who stay here do not need to use anti-mosquito repellents, but if someone has specific blood or knows that mosquitoes like more than others around, then you can buy anti-mosquito repellents on site.

The medical service is quite well developed, so you only need to have good insurance with you and you can travel safely, and if necessary, go to the hospital for help.

Roads in Thailand are of good quality, for the most part you travel on dual carriageways, there are many collision-free solutions, which also gives you greater safety. Another thing is the quality of the skills of local drivers who often receive a driving license on roads other than the official one. They don't know much about the rules and rules of good road behavior, so be careful when traveling.

The railway network is used for longer routes, but its quality is quite poor, if you decide to travel by rail, it is worth choosing 1st or 2nd class trains with sleeping compartments. It is not easy in the season to get free places, you should buy in advance and online it is not easy to make such a reservation.

The network of local air connections is quite well developed in Thailand, you can choose between several lines and reach almost every corner of the country. If you book in advance you can often get very low promotional prices.