For all those interested in visiting the Thai capital of Bangkok with a guide that speaks English, we offer the option of booking such an option. To do this, please fill out the short reservation form in the guide tab and send it to us. We will confirm your reservation up to 12 hours, and we will send you answers to various questions if they appear.

Bangkok is a large metropolis, heavily crowded, to get to know her a lot of effort, while visiting on your own you can come across a lot of situations with locals straining on various things, often even careful ones thinking that they will avoid it because of suspicion and so they become victims of very clever and real-looking stories.

Bangkok is also a large city area, moving like every city requires a lot of skills to deal with local conditions. Added to this is the economic factor, and the time available to visit the most interesting places, which is a waste to lose, because almost always tourists have too little to visit different places in Thailand.


The offer of the guide in Bangkok is addressed to individuals, couples or groups arriving with a calm intention, prepared for their expectations, optimally matched to the time and possibilities available to them, visiting the most interesting attractions in this city.


The guide is a native Thai who knows more than any of the visiting pilots of local tourist offices, knows how to pass various details from many Thai traditions, while visiting is able to deal with many matters and requests of visitors, because he knows the possibilities among his countrymen. Living and working in Poland among people she has learned very well the habits and expectations of our compatriots and tries to meet them in everyday meetings with tourists in Bangkok.

If you want to have an indelible impression of getting to know the culture and traditions of the Thai state, we invite you to book now. The price of a guided tour all day long depends on the number of the whole group and the program.



Sue Tahiland Guide