Most people have already heard about various places that are to be visited in the vicinity of Bangkok, many information is provided by the Internet. In order to be able to explore the surroundings in the central part of the country in a completely calm, stress-free and uncertain situation, it is worth going to the road in the company of a Thai guide with knowledge of the english language.

Surroundings of the capital of Thailand are famous for many interesting places to visit, the famous ruins of ancient Ayuthaya, floating market, crazy Pattaya, or the historical part of Thailand shown in one place - a park of miniatures around the country. Many adventures await travelers in the vicinity of Kanchanaburi, where their trail left the Second World War, and the area has a lot to offer nature lovers and adventure.


The offer of guide service in the vicinity of Bangkok is aimed at all those willing to learn about the best attractions around the capital with an evening return to the hotel where they were detained. These are all-day trips from the early morning hours to the evening. In most cases, they allow these routes to take a small breath after the first encounter with the buzzing and crowded Bangkok, and to contact the real Thai province, where life goes on in the rhythm of a calm note.

Many of the local traditions and customs can be learned from the local guide who understands them perfectly and can communicate them in a natural way, because he is associated with them along with the acquired family traditions.

In order to be able to visit these places together, make a reservation right now for all-day round trips with a English speaking guide.