For all those interested in visiting the Thai capital of Bangkok with a guide that speaks English, we offer the option of booking such an option. To do this, please fill out the short reservation form in the guide tab and send it to us. We will confirm your reservation up to 12 hours, and we will send you answers to various questions if they appear.

Most people have already heard about various places that are to be visited in the vicinity of Bangkok, many information is provided by the Internet. In order to be able to explore the surroundings in the central part of the country in a completely calm, stress-free and uncertain situation, it is worth going to the road in the company of a Thai guide with knowledge of the english language.

Surroundings of the capital of Thailand are famous for many interesting places to visit, the famous ruins of ancient Ayuthaya, floating market, crazy Pattaya, or the historical part of Thailand shown in one place - a park of miniatures around the country. Many adventures await travelers in the vicinity of Kanchanaburi, where their trail left the Second World War, and the area has a lot to offer nature lovers and adventure.


Many enthusiasts of traveling to Asia are going on routes all over Thailand. This country is a vast area, it has many unforgettable places, attractions, which are often not enough for tourists who usually have a maximum of two weeks stay. In order to be able to plan out each of these precious days well, and to protect yourself from possible mistakes causing loss of time, it is worth taking advantage of the care of the Thai language guide. In addition to the information provided, he will be able to help plan the route, as well as time to visit attractions in the best possible conditions.