Dear our guests

In this section on our site you can share your impressions after staying with us in Thailand, please give us a few words about our approach to responsibilities, which caught your attention. Valuable comments for us and for the next guests will be both the positive and tips on what to improve in what we do so that you can improve our skills.

Those willing to post an entry are directed to the feedback form, and those interested in reviewing already entered comments to the material below.

Best regards, Sue and Jacek

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Maciej : Bangkok trip

We had a blast with Sue in Bangkok! Very intense and enjoyable trip around the town.

Gosia : Highly recommended!

It was an amazing trip! We visited many interesting places in Bangkok. Sue showed us the most important points here, that every tourist must see! Sue is lovely! Thank you Sue :)

Ann K. : magic

Beautiful magical place Sue is an unusual guide with passion and a smile we recommend with all your might.

Derek : Day in Bangkok

A great day in Bangkok! The most important places in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere! You will learn everything about the life of the Thai people, their culture and food, and Sue will tell you a lot of curiosities about everyday life. Choose Pandanus, choose Sue - it's really worth it! PS coronavirus cannot be seen here, so there is no panic so come!

Rafal : Market on the water

Very interesting places, Market on the water and Market on the tracks. Everything complemented by Sonia's smile and heart. Thank you

Bogusia : Thailand day two

As usual, very nice and efficient and despite the great heat very interesting! We recommend everyone because it's worth it!

Rafal : Thailand the second day

Trip to the old capital. Another day filled with Thai history and guides' smile. A wonderful time in good company.

Greg : Bangkok from Sue

A great tour of Bangkok with Sue. Perfectly selected program. Messages transmitted in an interesting and light way. Perfect time organization. thanks Sue

Bogusia : Bankok

Fantastic trip organization. Great atmosphere and interesting stories. Full professionalism!

Eva : I recommend !!!!

The Bangkok Basics Tour from Sue is a great lesson in Thai history, religion and culture, but also great fun in nice company. The varied educational program also includes a cruise on the Bangkok channels, a spit lunch in a typical Thai eatery. A very nice day.

Beti : Bangkok with Sue

It was a great day in Bangkok. Sue is a great guide. Incredibly nice, full of optimism. we felt like we had known each other for a long time. we recommend it to everyone. Beata and Tadeusz from Poznań


We returned to Bangkok after twelve years and after twelve years we met Sue again. It's a bull's-eye again. The same smile and positive energy. A lot of interesting information provided in a cheerful way. Thank you and we recommend to everyone.

Monika : Banghok basics

A well organized and presented trip showing the history and architecture of Banghoku in a nutshell. A great advantage is the knowledge of Polish realities by the guide so that when telling the story of Thailand she perfectly related to similar situations in Poland. I recommend it with all my heart.

Agnes : Thailand

Very nice and competent guide. I heartily recommend

Dorota : Bangkok Basics

The trip was perfectly organized and interesting. 100% punctuality. Very good command of Polish, lunch in a very good and not expensive restaurant. Time filled to the last minute without unnecessary stops. I would highly recommend

Magdalene : The local massacre in Bangkok

Everything efficiently organized, great knowledge and a lot of curiosities. The Polish-speaking guide will show you places you won't reach yourself. Pleasant day out, tasty durian, delicious coconut water and beautiful photos. I recommend to everyone going to Bangkok and around ..!

Beata : It was great

Very matter-of-fact, consistent and competent Sightseeing with Sue is pure pleasure. We recommend heartily.

Agnieszka : A wonderful day

A very enjoyable day full of professionalism exploring Bangkok with Sue revelation. I recommend !!!

Kamil : Thailand best known

I did not expect Bangkok to have so much to offer. Two days under the cordial eye of Sue were enough to find out what the history of the Thais looked like, how to live in this country, how its inhabitants think, all while exploring the old and present capital. I have never met such a cordial, energetic, open and honest guide. With a pure heart, I recommend visiting the most fantastic lady guide in all of Thailand :)

Ania : cruise group of 13 people Wrocław Zgorzelec Dublin

great trip and great guide. We recommend! despite the heat it was very nice. Lunch was delicious!

Monika : thanks from a group from Krakow

Thank you very much for helping us explore the city. The plan, despite being established at the last minute, was implemented by your company without any problems. Special thanks to the guide - Saran Tana. A person worth recommending. Smiling punctual helpful in every topic. We enjoyed our stay in Bangkok. Thank you for Saran from the Krakow group

ivana : my day in Bangkok

A wonderful day with the delightful Sue, everything that is most important in Bangkok and all that is most important about the Thai people. A trip for the whole family. I heartily recommend !

Janek : sightseeing in Bangkok

professional guide, nice atmosphere while sightseeing, well-chosen program, reliable partner, trouble-free settlement, we highly recommend

Tomek : Basic Bangkok trip

Very successful trip with the guide Sue. A very nice and friendly person. Trip in Polish, we learned a lot about the local culture and country. I highly recommend.

Ula, Aga, Michal, Sebastian : the best trip

we recommend to everyone. really great time and many interesting facts

Aleksandra : A fantastic trip

A very rich program, a great and comfortably organized trip, lots of interesting information and valuable comments provided by Sue, very helpful, caring and incredibly cheerful. We used 2 trips and we are very pleased. Everything on time, convenient and great contact with the organizers. I would recommend!

edyta : sue

We highly recommend. Fantastic Sue, nice, tells more than we expected. We recommend to everyone thanks to her we met a different dimension of Bangkok! and local culture!

Agnes : bangkok is a wonderful city wonderful. people

A professional attitude towards her job. A very trustworthy person that bears in mind her clients' needs.


An interesting trip. There should be more information and culture and art styles in architecture

Catherine : Bangkok

Good and efficient organization. Optimal sightseeing program. Recommended.

Irena & Marek

At the end of January 2020 my wife and I made three trips to Bangkok and the surrounding area. It wasn't "fast - fast because we won't make it". Everything in a nice and peaceful atmosphere. We learned and saw as much as needed according to our expectations. Recommended.

Magdalena : The best office in the world

A great trip with the wonderful guide Sue. Well organized. Full of attractions. Sue is the best. recommend

Gosia : A great day in Bangkok

A fantastic day with the lovable and cheerful guide Sue, who speaks Polish in a beautiful and interesting way. great trip !!! do we recommend Sue

Beata : Great trip

A great guide! Very interesting trip, everything super organized, we were very pleased :)

Emilia : great trip

Wonderful guide, tells sensational, direct and cheerful. I recommend 100%

Paula : MYTHAI 2020

Everything is well planned, good organization, extensive information about Thailand and very nice Su Thank you We recommend

Margaret : Bangkok Basics

A perfect trip! Thanks to Sue, we've started our Asian adventure wonderfully. She interestingly introduced us to the secrets of Thai reality, told us about the customs, culture and beautiful places where she took us. Good organization, friendly service, full professionalism.2020-02-08 Magda: a quick overview of the main attractions We recommend Sue, a very nice guide who speaks Polish. We chose a trip from Sue on the first day of our stay, we saw the most important points, everything very efficiently, a lot of additional information about Thailand.

Magda : a quick overview of the main attractions

We recommend Sue, a very nice guide who speaks Polish. We chose a trip from Sue on the first day of our stay, we saw the most important points, everything very efficiently, a lot of additional information about Thailand.

Robert : a dream getaway

great trip, invaluable Polish-language service. Sue is great as a guide. I would highly recommend.

Piotr : Trip on the boat

Was great

Mati : Super guide Sue

An interesting and impressive adventure with the guide Sue, who is fluent in Polish. Drivers pick you up on time, Sue is very helpful with great knowledge. It was great, we'll come back :-) greetings


good programs, great Su as a guide. I recommend

Agnes : Bangkok trip

Bangkok in a nutshell, perfectly organized, we highly recommend

Mark : Thank you

Thank you for everything. For trips and transfers, thanks to you we got to know Bangkok and the wonderful surroundings. We love Thailand .... Sue thanks to you is extremely MGM hugs


We highly recommend! Sue is the best, communicative kind and showed us a lot of interesting places in Bangkok. He talks with such passion that I deserve to part.

Paulina : Trip to Ayuttaya

I highly recommend a trip organized by Panadeus. Best guide Sue I could count on with my fiance. The next time I am in Taijlandi again, I will contact them 100%.

Leo : The most important attractions of Bangkok

Our friend recommended Sue to us as the best guide in Bangkok. We only had one day and wanted to see as much as possible. Sue has prepared the perfect program for us. Some sights, some Thai life on the water, delicious food at a local restaurant. Importantly, Sue speaks Polish like a Polish woman, which was important because we traveled with children. I recommend with a clean heart. Leo

Patty : Fantastic!

I recommend to all! Fantastic organization, great setting and above all precision, attitude to the world and serenity Your guide !!! Beautiful moments and experience that we will remember!

David : Basics of Bangkok

A trip really recommendable, specifically and factually led by Sue. Nice and nice atmosphere !!!

Anna : One night in Bangkok

Very nice trip everything went smoothly recommendable office. worth it we were with children and also gave advice no one complained. We recommend !!!!

Christopher : Bagkok

It was fun. A lot of attraction time ok. We recommend

Maria : wycieczka

very nice trip, great guide and organization


great Bangkok adventure + delicious food

anna : Allutaya

sensational care and great knowledge of the guide. I recommend with all my heart.

Mark : Bangkok

Super Guide and trip.

Peter : Bangkok

A great trip. Sue very nice I would recommend.

12 person from south : trips and transfers

We used the offer of trips to Ayutthaya, Bangkok, 3 days to Cambodia, transfers to and from the airport and to Koh Chang. Everything went perfectly punctually, whether in Thailand or Cambodia, all transfers perfectly matched. Trips as planned. Thank you especially to Sue, who speaks Polish well for Thai, has a great sense of humor. He proudly talks about his country, but at the same time he can show what they did not quite work out and does not work well. During such a trip, after a few moments, I feel that Sue is not a guide from distant Thailand, but that she is a member of our group. And the guide is extraordinary, he doesn't bore too much dates and facts, but he beautifully talks about the places he visited in a very interesting and interesting way. We also thank Jack, with whom we agreed all dates and dates, who is a great manager and thanks to him we felt safe. Thank you for a beautiful Asian adventure. Ela & Janusz, Anna & Jack, Helena & Riszard, Jola & Leszek, Gosia & Janusz, Marzena @ Zyggi.

Angelina : A trip around Bangkok

The guide's competence at the highest level. Basze, good Polish. Interesting stories. Charm and personal charm. We highly recommend !!!

Arkadiusz : a great year in bangkok

sue is very cool wonderful leads and beautifully sends messages to arek and Alina

Monia : in winter in Bangkok

wonderful beautiful city with the best guide Sue it was the best time with you - thank you

Magdalena and Victor : Everything OK

Contact with Jack without reservations, we managed to arrange everything, even though we booked the trip late. Sue appeared for us punctually, and the whole trip went as planned. Sue talks interesting and sometimes jokes, which is also engaging. She took us to a pub in which it was really cheap and DELICIOUS. We recommend to those who are still wondering if it is worth buying a trip. Well worth it! Do we recommend

Agnieszka : I recommend

The best Thai guide who speaks fluent Polish, Chinese and English. Excitable, organized and punctual. great for lunch bars with Thai cuisine. cheap and tasty. Thank you very much and we recommend!

Caroline : Great trip

Thank you very much for your interesting trip. Thanks to Sue, we met the most important place in Bangkok and when we come back here it is only to Sue. I honestly recommend !!

MarioNelaMarta : The best vacation ever

It was the most beautiful trip with Panadus! Su is the best guide in the world :) We'll come back to them 100%!

Stefan : Opinio​n

Everything​was according the​ plan of​ trip And​ guide​ was helpfull answer for​ our question

Teresa : Bangkok basics

A well organized trip. The guide was nice and helpful. Recommend

Michalina : A successful trip to Bangkok

A very successful and eventful trip around Bangkok. A super-prepared guidebook. Everything recommendable.

Dorota : Banghok from Sue

Super, great ..... great !!!!!!!!!!

Beti : Bankgkok one day

beautiful day, lots of attractions and the nicest guide in all of Thailand

Tom : Bankog in one day

very good time Sue's guide has a very professional approach to work. I would highly recommend. I miss you already

Mac : Bangkok one day with Sue

We had a wonderful day with Sue, who patiently (we were with small children) showed around and told us about the splendor of the capital of Thailand. We recommend!

Lidka : A wonderful trip from Sue

The best trip in Bangkok. Our guide Sue showed us the most wonderful places in Bangkok, all the time she talked about history, culture, customs and traditions. Very obliging, she helped shopping and took care of everyone. Delicious food at a local bar. Office recommendable. Sue, we are waiting for you in Poland, we will show you how cool it is with us !!!

Claudia : discovering Bangkok, temples, palaces, everyday life

Very nice atmosphere, great guide, professional and easy to get along. Interestingly told parts of the story and interesting facts about the city. I highly recommend

Arkadiusz : Paradise vacation in Thailand

Thank you for helping organize sightseeing in Thailand from Bangkok through Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to the charming islands of the Andaman Sea. All transfers and trips took place as planned. Communication with the office was also fast with a sense of the needs of our group. Best regards to Sonia for showing Bangkok in a different way and leading us to very interesting places. Thank you very much Dorota and Arek as well as Ania and Jarek.

james : bangkok one day out of many

The whole family we went on a trip was very great very good atmosphere, a lot of content about the country and this beautiful city.

simon : bangkok

great trip with a great guide Sue recommend to everyone

Jakob : Opinia

Very nice and interesting

Monika : Bangkok one day

We spent an interesting day with Sue. Bangkok basics is a must have trip for anyone who has a short stop at Big Mango. I would recommend!

Jan : Ayutthaya trip

This time we went Pandanus on a trip to Ayutthaya. The trip was a shot in 10, it would be extremely difficult in the heat, street crowds and such a vast area to organize it yourself. It took place here efficiently, competent with great energy and humor, chair Sue. I would recommend

Stani : Trip *ruiny*

A great company, competent in what it does. We are very pleased with the contact with you, We wish you good hits and a lot of health ara Barbara and Stanislaw

Beti and Peter : Bangkok one day

A wonderful day spent with Sue, a Thai guide showing you around Bangkok, speaking Polish Competent, caring for customers, very interesting talk. We recommend and thank you very much for looking after and presenting Thai history.

jan : Bangkok trip

great trip, competent Sue guide, full of energy contact, I RECOMMEND

Carolina : Bangkok trip

A beautiful trip with a wonderful and smiling guide. It was a very good choice, I recommend

Izabela : lost in Asia

full professionalism of Su's guide and company organizer. I heartily recommend Izabela

Nina : day with a good friend

Nice day with an interesting person who interestingly tells and solves every problem if it happens

Magaret : lost

Very good

Stan : Ayuttaya of Sue

Today we went from Sue to the former capital of Ayuttaya. Great respect for Sue for knowing Polish at a great level. We spent the whole trip in a pleasant atmosphere, visited the impressive temples and finally ate delicious food.

Paul and Dana : Bangkok and surroundings

Together with Sue we visited Bangkok and Ayuthaya. They were two days full of information and knowledge about amazing Thailand - the country of FREE PEOPLE. We highly recommend the Sue office, you will not regret it.

Caesar : old RUINS

Today we visited the beautiful ruins of Buddhist temples and the residence of the King of Thailand (Rama X) in the old capital - Ayuttaya. It was an adventurous day! I recommend Pandalous to anyone wanting to explore beautiful Thailand! Regards Su - is a great guide!

Paul : bangkok

It was suuper! We visited the temples, learned the city's history and local customs. An unforgettable experience during a boat trip. Sue turned out to be a great guide. Thank you for a nice day.

Kate : Wonderful moments in Bamgkoku

Trips very well organized, guide Sue a wonderful girl, with passion. Professional at all times. Best Regards.

Pete : After returning home

We are already back home. On behalf of the whole group I would like to thank the organization for the tours and care for us. Everything was great, everything was done without problems. Our guides in Cambodia and Thailand took great care of us - lots of knowledge and a cool, great approach. Thank you again and I hope to see you again. We will want to visit Vietnam and Burma next year, so when we decide on the date let me write with a request for an offer. Thank you very much and best regards Sue, Son, Cambodian driver guides who were looking for beer for us ... all who helped us. Przemek with the group

Renata : A trip from Pandanus

I was on a 2-week round trip around Thailand with an office and I highly recommend it. As agreed, we visited Bangkok, Ayuttaya and the wonderful north of the country. There was a cruise on boats, rafts, elephant riding, snake show, visiting an orchid farm, a market on the tracks, an opium museum, a bridge on the River Kwai and many others that are impossible to write briefly about. Trip organization super - punctual cars for trips, very well organized trips and transfers, good hotels. We had group and individual trips with a guide, which allowed us to quickly visit the places we wanted and it was very comfortable. Sue very helpful and nice, but the other guides are also very friendly and also learn Polish :). Thank you and recommend. See you soon :)

carolina : opinion

Super very nice person. A lot about very interesting facts. For sure we will use more than once

Patric : One day in Bangkok

Bangkok was our last point on a 2-week trip. Unanimously, on behalf of a group of six people, thanks to Sue we spent a truly active day visiting wonderful temples, flowing across the river and listening to the history and curiosities of Bangkok! We are very grateful for Sue's guidance and company! It was one of the best trips, so with a pure heart, we highly recommend it!

Kati : Great trips from Sue in Bangkok and Ayuttaya

We were with Sue - a Polish-speaking guide - on the Bangkok Basics and Ayutthaya trip and it was great. Trips from Sue are not only a dose of curiosities about Thailand and visited places, but also a good time in good company. I highly recommend visiting Bangkok with this lovable Thai - a particularly cool option for people who do not have time and head to plan tour routes and dig the entire guide.


I am happy to recommend Pandanus and Sue as a guide. Her Bangkok sightseeing program is awesome! You will know this amazing city from different sides, additionally discussed very interestingly, with lots of interesting facts. I also recommend other trips - the same level of professionalism, exemplary organization and vast knowledge combined with an interesting message. I RECOMMEND SUE AND PANDANUS. Arkadiusz.

Irute : Pandanus travel

We spent a wonderful 2 days (Bangkok and Auttaja) with a guide Sue Kopiniak (from Pandanus Travel) Sue - a charming, competent, purposeful, kind lady (Thai guide who speaks very good Polish). Sue has a lot of knowledge about the history, architecture and cultural aspects of the area. This is a man who loves his country. Bangkok - City of Angels. One of the largest cities in the world - it is an amazing city, the most spectacular palaces and temples, green spaces of the city, the best night and floating market. An unforgettable trip to Auttaj. Today Ayutthaya is an idyllic haven of the past, and Buddhist beauty freezes in its time. It does not matter that in some places ruins remained, their dignity was completely and gracefully observed. I didn't want to leave here. It looks like we've been here before. Sue, thank you for everything.2019-11-30

Marco Polo : Bangkok one day

A very successful trip Bangkok in a nutshell for those who have little time. We recommend Pandanus to lovely Sue and Jacek we will be back again !!!! The team from Hungarian Hill

Alex : Great trip

Sue super efficiently showed our 4-person group through the most important temples of Bangkok. I recommend, Alex

Marta : Three days in Bangkok

Good day. We would like to thank you with all my heart for today's and yesterday's trip. Sue is wonderful and great news info about Bangkok. Sonia is also a fantastic girl. We will recommend your office and promise that next time I will bring apples for Sue. Best regards and again - GREAT THANKS !!!


it was great_polecam_bed we are going back here.


cool!!! We will recommend !!! Sue a delightful, helpful and clever woman.

Peter : Bangkok one day

super worth repeating very nice

Christine : Bangkok one day

was great

Kate : Bangkok in one day

wonderful journey with wonderful Sue. I recommend highly. speaks fantastic Polish. she is cheerful and has great knowledge. you can't be bored, it fills your time to the brim. Sue, thank you for unforgettable moments in Bankok

Danuta : 2 days in Bangkok in winter

The guide was professional, communicative, good Polish. Walking despite the enormous heat was a pleasure. A lot of information provided. Thank you so much

Janusz : Bangkok on one day

Punctually, interestingly, funny, delicious - thank you, Ania and Janusz

Asia : opinion

great guide great girl I recommend

Ada : opinion

A girl, divine, About Thailand and Bangkok will tell everything, show a real city, tell you where to go shopping and eat well, great

Aneta : a trip in the sun

Thank you so much for a great trip, very nice atmosphere.

Monika : Xxx

thank you for a wonderful trip around Bangkok.


I highly recommend the excellent service of the Pandanus office, in particular our guide Sue, nice and competent.


Very good experience.​ High level of hospitality.

Monika : bangkok one day

applause for Sue, a nice smile and a guide. we recommend with all my heart and at the same time thank you, it was a successful day full of emotions, thanks for a wonderfully told piece of Thai history. millions of photos and delicious food, Gorzów Wielkopolski invitation to Oslo valid !!! thanks ขอบคุณ คะ


great trip, good Polish-language care, interesting places, good organization. Jola

Jaroslaw : Visiting Bangkok with Sue in Polish in one day

Great time in Bangkok, the most important points of the city passed, Sue has great knowledge and can convey it very well I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore Bangkok quickly and pleasantly

Mariusz : Super Sue.

Super White guide. recommend

Hanna : Super Sue.

Have a great day with a delight to Sue. Lot of information given lightly and pleasantly. Thank you Sue. Hanna and Mirka

Danuta : Bangkok Day 1 Tour with the Grand Palace

The choice of the services of this office turned out to be a shot in 10.Sue shows you around very interesting parts of Bangkok and not only by giving us a lot of interesting stories and knowledge about these places. We had a very nice day and how to visit Thailand is only with this office. Thank you Danka and Renata

Mally : Trip from Sue

Wonderful day!! Great trip from Sue! Sue is a great Polish speaking guide! Very interestingly telling. Funny, specific and charming :) Bangkok is ahead of us at night - I can't wait !!! Thank you :) :) :)

Ela : For a big plus

Fortunately, we used the services of Sue ... everything efficiently, with interesting information, a dose of humor and definitely professionalism. I recommend to everyone. Warm greetings.

Claudia : Bangkok 1-3 11 2019

Visiting Bangkok with Sue and Sonia is pure pleasure and a lot of information. Mega recommend. Perfection We will be back again. Thank you

Mac : B&M in Bangkok

Sue is the best Bangkok guide ever. great interesting program a lot of information. Sue very nice smiling and helpful. we recommend to everyone.

Joanna : a trip to Thailand

I highly recommend the Pandanus office. The amazing guide Sue guides you around the best corners of Bangkok and more. She gave us a lot of interesting stories and knowledge. Very nice time. How to visit Thailand, only with this office !!!

Angelina and Paul

2 days exploring Bangkok with Eva and 1 day with Sonia is a great adventure. I love Bangkok thanks to you even more. Both Ladies Guides are full of professionalism, commitment and amazing knowledge of the Polish language. Especially Eva because Sonia is only learning 8 months. But we also practiced English thanks to it. I already know that I will return to Bangkok and I definitely want to explore it with Pandanus, especially Eva. Thank you for any information, tip, advice. For fatigue and rest. For all. It's one of my best holidays. Best wishes and we wish Mr. Jacek and Sue further such development of the company. And we hope to meet Sue the next time we wish you much health. See you soon.

Christof : Trip in Bangkok

thank you very much for the joint trip around Bangkok :) it was great !!! Special greetings to WANDA and of course PIOTR and we keep our fingers crossed for his learning Polish language Of course, I recommend to all your friends Your office next year we want to do Vietnam and Kamboga do you also work in these areas

Eva : One day in Bangkok

Thank you for the trip you organized. Everything went smoothly and without problems. A very nice guide. I will certainly recommend you to my friends. Greetings. Eve.

Dominika, Lilka, Jack and Leszek : Two-week trip in Thailand

Dear Sue and Jack Thank you very much for a wonderful trip in southern Thailand. Everything was organized on time, it worked like clockwork. Sue is a passionate, kind and charming guide. Not only did she show us the historical objects but we also had the opportunity to try Thai delicacies that are not available in restaurants. We also thank Sue very much for the gluten-free soy sauce which Dominika took to Poland. We pre-arranged a trip with Sue in 2020 to northern Thailand, Laos and Burma in the last weeks of June. We'll let you know the number of participants (our four for sure) but maybe others will join us Thank you again, hear Dominik, Lilka, Jacek and Leszek


I recommend it, it's really worth it! Sue is great, her smile and commitment are priceless.

ADAM : Everything. Great. Best office

full package Thailand, Cambodia, plus beach vacation, I highly recommend everything efficiently fast, super air-conditioned cars, extremely nice SUE guides, EVA and others highly recommended, all superlatives :)

Tatiana Lukasz Je : Bangkok in 1 day

The best guide in the world ❤


A great day in Bangkok. Full of impressions, getting to know monuments and people. We recommend Sue to all tourists from Poland.2019-03-04

Barbara : Bangkok - great

Trips prepared very carefully. Well planned logistics. Sue humor and commitment great !!! We recommend !!!

Jan : Bangkok in 1 day

Nice atmosphere, many interesting places, from temples to canals and the oldest corners of Bangkok. And a great Polish speaking guide. I highly recommend :)

Henry and Chris : Bangkok

A great day out in Bangkok with Sue. A very nice and orientated guide, she speaks Polish beautifully for a native Thai. The program of the trip is varied and very interesting. recommend

Stan, Carola & Mac : We recommend

We recommend Pandanus and Sue with full responsibility Amazing trips, great atmosphere! Great Polish

Lukasz : Bangkok

We've probably come across the best guide in the world. Sue is a very nice person and approaches his work very professionally. We spent unforgettable moments with her. Best Regards. Łukasz with family welcome to Poland

Joan : Bangkok

Thank you for nice moments with Pandanus Travel. We spent 3 days together and I think it's worth it !!! Thanks to Pandanus Travel we saw more than we had planned to explore and come get to know the Thai culture a little. Many thanks to Sue for unforgettable moments !!!

Ada : Bangkok +Ayuttaya

I heartily recommend. Everything ok, SU stood up to the challenge! It

Mac : Tours - Bangkok

Everything GIT. SUper SU a fantastic guide. I would recommend.

Mia : Bangkok - you love or hate

A very nice guide, Sue. The Grand Palace - great splendor and wealth, a unique place. Nice boat ride. The reclining Buddha was sooooo big. I recommend to everyone. The heat is bothering. :) :) :)

Gosia : Bangkok-kochasz albo nienawidzisz

Bangkok - you love or hate

Lukasz : Bangkok in a nutshell

Full professionalism. We could not have hit better. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see the most interesting places in 1 day. The first league guide.

Artur : Perfection

Our week-long stay in Bangkok went perfectly. From the first email, the contact was sensational. Sue and Jacek organized 5 fantastic trips around Bangkok, Ayutaya and Kwai. The program was extremely interesting and not overloaded. We felt cared for from the arrival in Bangkok, where the driver was waiting for us, to the departure to Poland. Jacek and Sue also helped us to buy a ticket to Phuket and transport to the hotel. We strongly recommend everyone to use the services of the Pandanus office and especially tours with Sue, who speaks Polish well and many interesting facts you can learn from her. Thank you!

Peter : Bangkok with Sue

We recommend visiting Bangkok with Pandanus, a good program, efficient organization, everything is impeccable! Regarding visiting Bangkok at night, we do not recommend Mondays - China Town on this day practically does not exist. A trip to the water market is interesting and worth recommending, but the trip will take about 5 hours in both directions.

Zbigniew : Tours

Was the super transfer from the airport as planned Trips had power and the girls did a great job Bangkok pulls so help will be useful I recommend

Adam and Justyna : Bangkok and Ayuttaya

Trip with Sue and Alex Very cool. Organization, care and safety at the highest level. We are very satisfied and with a clear conscience We will recommend to friends !!

Renata : Bangkok and Ayuttaya from Sue

It was very intense and interesting two days with Sue. We will be pleased to remember you and recommend your fitma. Thank you.


Cool. Great atmosphere. We loved it. Interesting trips. A lot of interesting messages. Su open cool and friendly. We recommend with a clean heart. We are hugging you and thank you for the time together! For you one of a thousand and you will be part of beautiful memories for us

Jakob : An unforgettable trip, great organization

I would definitely recommend, great organization on site, Sue is a brilliant guide with excellent Polish. Private buses always on time, I can't imagine organizing transport on my own while traveling in Thailand. in 10 days thanks to Pandanus Travel we visited Bangkok, Ayutthaye, Erawan Park, Water Market, Temples in Cambodia and the island of Koh Chang. It was intense, but at the end we could rest on a paradise island. The strongest sides are definitely the great Sue Guide, other guides (e.g. Sonia :)) and transport. cool! Only documents sent before the trip seemed a bit outdated, e.g. a document with bank commissions from 2014, but this is a trifle :) 10/10!

Sylvia an Jan : Two days with Pandnaus

We are very pleased. Sue showed us the must visit places in Bangkok and Ajutthaja. We will definitely recommend it to friends. Greetings to Sue and Alex, who will certainly learn Polish quickly.

Ewelina and Sebastien : Bangkok in 1 day

Why is it not rated higher than 10. Great trip in a pill, great atmosphere. Sue is great. I will tell you not only about attractions, but also how I live here and how to find myself in this great city. A friend's office recommended us and we do not regret it. You're not going to bank, either.

Bart : 10/10

Sightseeing with Sue is a real pleasure. He talks interestingly, she is extremely nice and cheerful. In addition to curiosities about visited places, she also talked about her Thai life, as well as about the problems and joys of everyday Thai life. We chose the Bangkok basics program and were very pleased. The program is not too heavy and our children of 10 and 11 years managed despite the heat. They even had a little nap during the canal cruise ;-) We recommend everyone who wonders.

Anna : Bangkok

Have we watched PANDANUS for a long time and tempted our first trip to Thailand offer that was proposed and then realized 100% and even 120% Sue is an amazing, wonderful girl who, because she showed us amazing places, still deign us with the delicacies of Thai cuisine I heartily recommend

May : Bangkok

A wonderful full-day tour of Bangkok. Sue is a professional guide, energetic and nice person. She showed us the most important places that you must see when visiting Bangkok, she told in an interesting and clear way. He speaks Polish very well. Thank you Sue for a nice day! :)

Julita : I recommend Pandanus Travel

I recommend Pandanus Travel to anyone who wants to explore Thailand. With them there are wonderful and interesting trips. Guide Sue is a wonderful and warm woman who speaks Polish in an interesting way. We saw a lot with them!


We have been using the offer of Jacek and Sue for several years and almost every year we fly to Thailand to different places. We have never been disappointed in them, as well as a wide range of our friends, to whom we recommended this pair. I think it is one of the best small travel agencies we have had the opportunity to use in various parts of the world. Just keep going and don't worry about the sporadic entries of compatriots who flaunt their frustration even abroad.

Izabel : Bangkok - great

It was great and even better than great! Sue took great care of us! Are we mega and very satisfied

Victor : ayuthaya

Was great! Walking with professional commentary and wit, smile and nice atmosphere. Delicious regional cuisine in proven places during the break. Wazzyki who want to explore Bangkok and the surrounding area, we highly recommend Pansanus and Sue as a guide. Best regards

Iwona with friends : Superprofessionally and super friendly!

I recommend the Pandanus office to everyone who wants to explore Thailand! Before I organized my trip to Thailand, I was looking for an office that would provide us with trips at least partly in Polish (a few people in the group with a poor command of English). A trip to Bangkok with Sue met all expectations. We were impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and fluent Polish of Sue. Of course, everything was accompanied by a smile and a friendly attitude to people. We were a bit worried about a two-day trip to the River Kwai, where we were piloted by English-language Sonja and Lucy (it is known that Sue will not split and break up). Not necessary. The girls got along well with part of our group in English and diligently taught Polish to us - they already knew the basic phrases. Here, too, great respect for how quickly Polish words and phrases were absorbed, they will definitely be able to get along in Polish in a few months. And here also everything professionally organized and with a smile. We will definitely use the Pandanus office next time we go to Thailand. Greetings to the whole team!

Raf : Bangkok - great

Bangkok - first day (basic sightseeing) Great deal. The organization is full of professionalism. Everything is ready, pickup, tickets etc. Sue's very professional approach. She answered all questions very factually and patiently. The whole trip went very smoothly. We fully recommend and thank you very much. Best Regards

William : interesting trip

Rating 12/10. A wonderful trip around Bangkok. Interesting, colorful, tasty. Thank you.

Roman : A journey of dreams

Great organization, interesting program - you can't be bored. People extremely nice and very helpful. You can see very interesting places, try real Thai food. I would highly recommend

Jack : 2 days not forgotten!

GREAT! We ordered 2 days of trips from Sue and we are terribly satisfied! Sue talks great, shows a lot and patiently answers any questions! Just fantastic. I heartily recommend anyone to book trips with them! Definitely 11 out of 10 !!! Thanks Sue and thanks Jacek

Tom : Fantastic trip with Sue ...

Visiting Bangkok with Sue was amazing. I had the impression I've known Sue for years. A very professional and cordial atmosphere I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ....

Gabi and Angelina : Bangkok

It is a great luck and good fate that we met on our way in Bangkok Sue. We spent two great days thanks to it. All trips professionally prepared, very interesting. Sue speaks Polish beautifully and smiles beautifully. We wouldn't have been able to do it without her help. We highly recommend Pandamus to anyone wanting to get to know Bangkok and Thai culture.

Pete : An unforgettable trip from Sue

Sue is great. Full professionalism. I really recommend.

Peter : Great doormat from Sue to Ayutalla

Great cognitive experience is one thing, and a super cool Sue guide is another. I recommend it was wonderful.

Rome and Ela : Pancio

We flew to Bangkok and somehow the driver was not waiting for us. I called Sue and during the telephone signal the driver appeared immediately. The driver took us to the hotel and gave us away to the boys. A room with a great atmosphere! After an acclimatization day and night, meet with Sue in the morning in the hotel hall. I was a bit afraid to give the rest of the money to my hand without receipt, but without foundation. Everything along the way was paid for by Sue as agreed. At the border with Cambodia, we had to hand passports to strangers, without any guarantee that he would return to us. Returned !!! A German-language translator (we preferred to English) was waiting for us on the border with Cambodia. It is true that he knew German poorly, but I am ashamed to admit better than we do English. Settlements with him also without problems - I will add a very honest guy. When my wallet flew out of my pocket, he noticed and dismissed it, although poverty in Cambodia was too much in the eye! All rides with air-conditioned cars ... just boast! In hotels cleanly and everywhere climate. Finally, a few words about a wonderful person who for several days was like a sister to us -Sue. At any time ready to help, not out of line, flexible as far as the program allowed in adapting to our requests. Gracious with charm and personality, and at the same time doing everything that was later arranged by email with Jacek. SUE 100 points on a 100-point scale. However, if the barrel was not just full of honey, suggest that the program would end up taking you to the airport and that the price would be already known in the calculation of the trip. Jacek wrote to us that yes we can drive you, but it costs extra. Yes, but already on offer we would like to know in the future how much to make our trip stress-free at the end! WE RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND !!!

Violet : trip

We experienced a very nice trip to the most important places / attractions in Bangkok with the kind guide Sue. She also gave us a lot of valuable information and advice. We highly recommend

Sylwia : Opinion

Sue is a wonderful and warm person. Very interesting trip. Sue told very interesting stories. Thank you for a beautiful day in good company.

Joanna, Andrzej, Julia and Emilia : Super Day in Bangkok

We spent one day in Bangkok with Sue - unfortunately only one day! A great trip in excellent company, great organization, excellent Polish Sue, tasty cuisine, interesting stories about Bangkok, the city shown in a great way. I can heartily recommend a trip from Pandanus and Sue to everyone !!!

Laura, Jacek, Kuba : Week with Pandanus

In July, we spent an unforgettable week exploring Thailand's flagship and less-known (but equally interesting) attractions. Sue's company was priceless, and her smile and serenity dispelled few clouds. Everything organized perfectly, we have no complaints. The only "minus" is insane food - we gained weight. Thank you very much and we will definitely come back to Thailand.


On May 14 and 15, 2018, we had previously booked tours of Bangkok. On the first day of Bangkok, a supplement in which our guide was "Ewa" learning Polish and on the second day of Bangkok basic, where Sue looked after us. We are very happy with both trips, during which we saw very interesting objects, and the messages that Sue especially told us were really very interesting. Both girls are very nice and Sue is a special, very friendly and direct person. Thank you very much for great trips and impressions. We are happy to recommend the office and greetings from Willy Jan Lecy and Maria

Jack & Anna : The best trips in Thailand

It's worth it! It's nice to hear Polish in Bangkok! Great organization, nice atmosphere, lots of information :) We are back enriched with images, knowledge and time well spent. We recommend!

Natali : A day in Bangkok ...

Thank you Sue for today. It was nice to meet you Thanks to you, we saw many unique places in Bangkok. If you'll ever be in Poland, come to Poznan We highly recommend Pandanus travel! Natalia and Mariusz

Lukasz, Nicole : Bangkok trip

We are delighted. We were in Thailand for the first time and thanks to Sue and Jacek we will definitely come back here. Sue showed us true Thai hospitality. We highly recommend !!!

Marzena and Tom : Great vacation

We were on vacation in Thailand for 14 days. We are very grateful to Pandanus for a perfectly organized vacation. We were able to arrange everything with them at the last minute 2 weeks before departure. Perhaps it was the spontaneous arrangements that made the whole thing exemplary. Thank you Sue and One for taking care of us on trips. Thank you Jacek for organizing it quickly. We will remember many moments spent in Thailand for a long time. We will definitely recommend you to our friends !!

Evelina : The first, wonderful time in Bangkok

We spent 2 wonderful days with Sue. We were in Bangkok for the first time. The trip was well organized, always on time. Sue flexibly approached our needs, because at the last minute we wanted to change the trip to another. We saw beautiful places (Bangkok and Ayuttaya). The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed. There was always time for a cold drink, photos or toilet. Sightseeing with Sue is a real pleasure. In addition, she showed us delicious regional delicacies and how to eat them. I recommend visiting with her :) We will definitely come back again.

Edita : a great trip

well organized honeymoon :) Sue is a very nice, wonderful guide. We regret that she was with us only 4 days: * Our entire stay, i.e. 19 days in Thailand, was well organized by Jacek. We were not worried about anything. We recommend with all my heart. Edyta and Krzysztof :) greetings: *

Lukasz : Great trip!

Awesome trip! A great guide! Full professionalism! We recommend !! Ania and Lukasz

Rafal : Excellent! I would recommend! :)

Great organization of the trip "Bangkok - basics". Sue is a great, professional guide, excellently shares his knowledge, and is a wonderful, cordial and extremely communicative person who does not create any barriers :) has a wonderful and a bit Polish humor;))) Thanks to Sue! Organization and communication with the Office is very efficient, fast and substantive! I would recommend!

agata : Bangkok Basics - great trip

We liked the efficient organization, punctuality and the fact that Sue can create a nice atmosphere in the group. Everything went according to plan, and the trip was really interesting; in addition for a very reasonable price.

Jurek : Answer for Mariusz

I am surprised by the negative opinion. We were the third time and we are very pleased. Only a claim to myself that the mala showed up in the garden and did not allow to smoke (of course it is a joke) Greetings to Eva and Jacek

Paulina : a trip to Thailand

Professionalism and commitment. Su is a guide by vocation! I highly recommend this office, all guides and people cooperating with them!

Angelika : Gerda, Wanda, Sylvia and Anna

interacting with people evoke a smile, a desire to listen, a desire to watch and ask about details about Thailand. We visited Sue Bangkok and Ayutteja. Also our English-speaking guides who accompanied us on a trip to the bridge over the River Kwai, and the other on a two-day trip "Nature of the South" were very nice, smiling, patient. We felt very good with them. I advise anyone who wants to visit Thailand; ONLY WITH PANDANUS Angelika

Jack : Office recommending!

Office recommendable, everything organized efficiently and on time (transport, guide). Good and quick contact. I would definitely recommend !!!

Jola : Bankok

With the company we went on trips around Bankoku, Ayuttaya, Kanchanaburi 2 days. We also used the chassis from the airport to Bankoku. Everything was well organized, on time. Thank you

Paulina and Conrad : How to visit Thailand is only with Sue!

How to visit Thailand is only with Sue! We got a bearing on Sue and we were not disappointed! These were two wonderful days spent in BKK. Professionalism full of steam, an individual approach to the client, and in addition it's nice to look at Sue, who simply infects her optimism and sense of humor! Cool! I highly recommend and encourage you to use the services of Sue!

Anastasia : Opinion

Cool thing. Thank you

Paulina : a trip to Thailand

Full professionalism !!! I highly recommend the owner of the office Su and her employees, the interesting trip program exceeded our expectations (visitors from 35 to 65 years old). Trips and leisure combined with them looks like a fairy tale. Wonderful hotels and all previously agreed attractions. I gave a message, please write, answer all questions. I went on a trip with a 6-person group in the so-called "dark" I did not know the company, I modeled only on the opinions on the Internet and that's why I write this opinion openly because it is a reflection of the services they provide. Once again, I highly recommend this office !!!!

Bart : Wonderful two days in Bangkok and the surrounding area

We spent two wonderful and eventful days exploring Bangkok and the surrounding area with Sue. We are delighted, children even more. Sue, thank you for the great atmosphere in which we saw part of your beautiful country through the eyes of a real Thai. We highly recommend to all who want to visit, get to know and try the real Thai in Polish. See you soon!

Claudia : One day in Bangkok

We highly recommend it! The most important places in Bangkok in one day with a guide on the sixth plus!

Agi and Mark : Bangkok and Aytthaya - our honeymoon

We had the opportunity to participate in two trips led by Sue - we visited the basic attractions of Bangkok and the ancient capital of Thailand - Ayutthuje. We loved Bangkok, which was shown to us by Sue - a beautiful, rich temple and royal palace, a boat ride on Bangkok canals where we watched the real life of Thai people, crazy tuk-tuk trip and colorful flower market, where we tried, delicious local Thai cuisine. In Ayutthui we saw the king's summer residence and the ruins of temples. Both trips were very well organized, we got to know a piece of history, culture of Bangkok and Ayutthui, and of course all told in Polish and in an atmosphere like we've known each other for years! Sue answered all our questions and gave us a lot of practical tips. There is nothing else for us to recommend trips to Thailand (and not only) in the company of Sue and Pandanus Travel and start planning the next trip in the future! Best regards, Agnieszka and Marek ;-)

Mally and Jan : You will be satisfied !!!!!

If you want the most wonderful images, the Thai experience will remain in your memory only with Sue, who is a wonderful girl. She has always stayed in our hearts. Thank you for professionalism.


Su is sweet. These days will be spent together in our memory forever. Thank you Su, we will be back soon to fish and Cambodia.

William : A trip to Bangkok

Guide and I spent the whole day exploring Bangkok. We arrived a group of 32 people and took everything perfectly. I definitely recommend

Robert : ater Market Tour and Bridge over the River Kwai

A wonderful trip. Our guide Suu is even better. We highly recommend the services of this office. Full professionalism, all as agreed. We will definitely use Suu services in the future :-)

Eva and Miki : Bangkok knowing with Sue

We spent a wonderful day exploring Bangkok with Sue. The trip was perfectly organized, the information was very interesting. In addition to information about the places visited, Sue shared with us information about life in Thailand. She provided valuable information on what places to visit apart from those visited together. We highly recommend. Thank you Sue.

Natalia with family : Holidays in November 2017

It is sensational :) a more charming guide than Sue is not all over Thailand :) she speaks fluent Polish so that Thailand is becoming very close :) my girls I love and we also :) wholeheartedly recommend ... trips well organized .. . all at the highest level :)

Ala : Bangkok for the second time

Beautiful a lot of temples, a lot of flowers, a lot of time on the river and canals, delicious green curry, great Sue who knows everything about Bangkok and the world of Thai people.

Gabi : Bangkok trip

Fatastic Sue, Bangkok showed us in an interesting way, thank you beautifully for the time together and we highly recommend it !!!

Angelika and Kamil : Discovering Thailand with Pandanus Travel

We recommend Pandanus Travel with all our heart! Reliable, professional, helpful (24 hours a day :)) and cordial! Sue Thai-Polish guide introduces an extremely nice and family atmosphere while discovering Talandalia. She instilled in us love for this country, helped discover the non-commercial corners of Bangkok, presented the culture, architecture and life of Thai people in an interesting way, led us to places where we could taste the flavors of real Thailand. Sue and the Pandanus Travel guides themselves gave us Thai delicacies with 100% commitment leading every trip! Another trip to Thailand only with Pandanus! :) Ps. Sue, we are waiting for you in Poland: * Angelika and Kamil

Karol : Bangkok trip

I highly recommend trips from Sue in Polish. We stayed two days in Bangkok and visited the city of Sue both day and night. Revelation !!! Full professionalism, friendliness and a nice approach. We would not even see half of all these attractions ourselves. And despite the fact that we were with a 4-year-old child everything went great !!! The highest possible rating !!!

Mati family : The team from Częstochowa

We are (un) satisfied, (un) satisfied and disappointed that time went so fast that Sue speaks Polish so well that it was so cheerful and fun and that we got to know Bangkok so well. The worst thing is that we ate the best Pad Tai with Sue and we can't repeat that taste until today. Greetings from koh muka and see you in the future

Darek : Bangkok Darek and Marek

Thanks so much for showing BK, great organization. Sue is very nice and always smiling, it introduces comfort of traveling and sightseeing. We found a common topic about speedway GP and we will probably meet soon in Wawa on GP. Sue knows what she is writing about. Greetings Darek and Marek

Basia and Bogdan : Basia and Bogdan in Bangkok

Dear Sue and Jack, Thank you very much for the quick contact and professional approach. From the very transfer from the airport we felt very well, without stress (And this is what it is about on vacation). Then the trip - we have already seen some and we had high expectations ... with a clear conscience we recommend with all our heart. Sightseeing with Sue is a great pleasure. Did we learn a lot of interesting things Everything very well organized and a great atmosphere (Sue knows our names after a while and ALWAYS smiles wow !!!). Fast and problem-free contact, and this is valued. When we returned, we wanted time - the driver was ahead of time (despite the early morning hours) and he took us quickly to the airport. Sue - let's see each other again !!! Once again, thank you very much We wish you a lot of good and until next time Greetings Basia and Bogdan