We welcome everyone who has reached our offer in Thailand, a country known for many media sources, and the stories of those who have already had the opportunity to taste the charms and warmth in the broad sense. Almost all catalogs and guidebooks write about the hospitality, smile and pleasure of traveling around this country. If you want to check it personally, check our offer.

Many curiosities from life in Thailand convinced us to use them in everyday life and pass them on to our guests, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer for all those who are looking for warmth, sun, peace, rest away from duties and an amazing holiday experience both by communing with beautiful, exotic places in Thailand, as well as a taste of the palate with one of the best cuisines in the world.


We living in Bangkok for several years, having local knowledge that we want to share with all those determined to embark on a journey to this corner of the world. We are well aware that not everyone prefers group trips from travel agencies, especially to distant, exotic sites, because traveling in a large group of tourists it is difficult to learn more about and experience the advantages of living in this very exotic and at the same time interesting country. The group supervisor always has a limited opportunity to take care of individual persons, pass on broader knowledge due to a busy program or many issues arising from the specifics of caring for a larger group.

We try our best to familiarize our guests with life and news about Thailand, especially the less frequented by wider groups of trips. Thanks to the individual approach to the care of our guests, they leave with a large message deck and are eager to return here

To use our offer we cordially invite people:

  • who are looking for something more than traditional mass trips
  • wanting to plan their individual sightseeing route in their own rhythm
  • they do not speak foreign languages, making them unsure about trips to far away exotic places
  • who want direct professional care during their entire or partial vacation
  • families with children who care about shared time in a quiet atmosphere relaxing and learning about new ones
  • places away from the hustle and bustle of group trips
  • people looking for high quality care on the spot, in an intimate group without additional third parties

For us, you are always our guest - not a tourist

Regards Pandanus Team

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer on our website, and anyone interested to contact us directly.